Summer is finally here

By Elizabeth Prata Summer vacation seems like one long string of days with no weekend.   The last day of school for the kids was Tuesday at noon, and for staff around 1:00 today. Saturday I'd planned on attending a wedding, but I currently have pneumonia, so that's out. So is my church service I … Continue reading Summer is finally here


It’s Saturday, but Summer’s a-coming!

By Elizabeth Prata We are in the last days. LOL, not the last days before Jesus returns, the last days of school. We conclude the 2018-19 school year on May 21 at noon for the kids and Friday, May 24 for the teachers and staff. It's hot, the temps are around the mid-80s, and tempers … Continue reading It’s Saturday, but Summer’s a-coming!

The Most Inconvenient Bookstore, Paper Planes, Bauhaus, and more!

By Elizabeth Prata It has been a busy and hectic week, as it usually is at school with mere 16 student days remaining. We have field trips, State Assessment testing, changed schedules, pollen allergies and sinus infections making one last grip on tired bodies, final standards to achieve... In our area, we finish the school … Continue reading The Most Inconvenient Bookstore, Paper Planes, Bauhaus, and more!