Vintage Store mini-haul

By Elizabeth Prata It's going to be hot today and hotter the next few days. Like 90+ hot temps we don't usually get until July. May is 70s and June is 80s and THEN we get the 90s in July and August the 100s. Sigh. I was hoping to keep the air conditioning off in … Continue reading Vintage Store mini-haul

End of school year is coming!

By Elizabeth Prata The leaves have fully budded, the first fruit trees have flowered and bloomed and petals have fallen to make way for leaves. The birds are back in force and spring is truly underway. It's halfway over, in fact, with summer getting closer every day. I do love a Georgia spring and I … Continue reading End of school year is coming!

Spring Break: Poplar Springs Campground

By Elizabeth Prata The second Great Awakening had an impact, of this we know. I was not aware of the impact it had on the south until this week. Encyclopedia Britannica says, Second Great Awakening: Protestant religious revival in the United States from about 1795 to 1835. During this revival, meetings were held in small … Continue reading Spring Break: Poplar Springs Campground

Spring Break: Visit to Historic District of Canon

By Elizabeth Prata I headed up to a small town in rural north Georgia nestled at the foothills of the Blue Ridge. There is one part of an entire street designated as a National Historic District, containing three historic churches. I love looking at historic buildings, especially churches. This one is Canon Universalist, founded by … Continue reading Spring Break: Visit to Historic District of Canon

Spring Break visit to the Botanical Garden

By Elizabeth Prata Do you ever enjoy planning something more than you enjoy actually doing the thing you'd planned? I like the thought of going to the Botanical Garden, but actually following through...oftentimes I don't. I DO enjoy doing things. But rarely. I almost enjoy thinking about doing them, more. For this Spring Break that … Continue reading Spring Break visit to the Botanical Garden