New Living Room

The neighbors on the other side of the house moved out. They had moved up here from South GA and landed in the rental on the other side of this duplex so they could look around for a house in which to settle more permanently. They finally did find a suitable house and moved st weekend. They were nice neighbors, here for 8 months.

The couple decided to sell some of their stuff at a very good price. I’ve been living on a futon and a shabby (not chic) chair for 11 years and even before that in Maine before I moved to GA. I longed for more adult and solid pieces of furniture. But price locks me out of buying new, and I’m extremely hesitant to buy used. I can’t smell, so leave it to me to purchase a used upholstered furniture that stinks and I would not know it. Sheldon is me and I am Sheldon-

30 seconds in, Sheldon discovers something terrible about Penny’s chair…

And now Amy discovers something worse!

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Weekly visit to the local Farmer’s Market

It’s so pleasant to be able to go just a mile to a local market and buy local produce. People, both sellers and buyers, are relaxed. Live music plays, usually one guy on a guitar or a mandolin. Dogs romp. Jewelers and crafters smile and proudly display their hard work. It’s good.

What I bought this week: eggplants, a pound of green beans, and a head of romaine lettuce. All for $3.50.