4th of July came and went fast!

By Elizabeth Prata

Like all holidays I guess, they come and go fast. Fourth of July represents the mid point of my summer break from work at school. I go to pre-planning on August 2 and the kids come back August 6. So I’m on the downslope, now!

I had a nice fourth of July Independence Day holiday. The 4th of July parade in the nearby town is a huge deal around here, one of the biggest parades and events in NE Georgia. They canceled the parade and all the associated events last year, but this year they had the parade. Not the events and vendors and such, but at least the parade went on.

I’ve never been to the parade. In July in Georgia it is hot. Not hot like New England, I used to think summer in New England was hit, but not anymore. Not even hot like when I stick my head in an oven to take out the baking cookies and that flush of heat hits you in the face after you open the oven door. No. July Georgia heat is like setting up a lawn chair on the sun. But the weather was supposed to be a lot cooler than normal, and indeed it was. The parade is normally set to start at 9 am on the dot, due to excessive heat as the day builds, but the temp this past Saturday at that time was a fresh 68 degrees and the high temp was “only” going up to 85. So I went.

The parade was a lot shorter than usual, people tell me, but that was fine by me. Here are some pics of the northeast Georgia 4th of July parade. It was very pleasant.

So the next day, Sunday, I was invited to a cookout in the evening and then fireworks, also flower picking because of course the invitation was to a flower farm. It was a low-key, quiet event. Friends ate hot dogs and chicken and homemade ice cream. Some of the guys batted a softball in the front yard. Fireflies flickered over the flower beds. Citronella flames teetered upward and scattered the mosquitoes. The sun slid down golden and quiet under a pink sky. All was well here in evening America.

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