Art series coming up!

By Elizabeth Prata

I edited my bio recently to remove mention of cats. I don’t have cats any more. 😦 I noticed that I said I write about art, and realized I had not written about art in a while.

A friend had stopped over the other day. She fell in love with the framed print I have hanging above my desk. It’s Childe Hassam, “At Dusk”. I said I loved it too. I have had it for many, many years. Her enthusiasm caused me to look up information about the print to send to her since she’d evidenced interest, and I discovered quite a lot. I sent her a short video of a Museum Curator explaining about the print, and then I looked around at my new apartment where I’d hung the various pieces of art I have accumulated.

We get used to things in our homes, sometimes overlooking and not even realizing what we have. In moving and then deciding where tp put up my art, I saw it anew. And appreciated it all over again! I took years to accumulate these pieces. Nothing came into my apartment without due consideration for its composition, the artist whether known or unknown, and colors and beauty.

Here, Rembrandt is close, all beauty originates with God. God is the originator of beauty.

I decided to do an overview of some pieces I have that might intrigue you as well. I will start the art series with the very first piece I ever bought, age 8 or so, at a church basement jumble sale. Stay tuned!

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