Today’s haul from The Special Store

By Elizabeth Prata

I could not stand it. I tried. I couldn’t do it.

My new apartment was absent things that are necessary so I bought the necessary things. Wastebaskets. Towel racks. Shower curtain. Shower sheer. Shower curtain rings. And…toilet paper holder.

Have you seen up how expensive things are these days? It had all added up. But the time I had gotten to the TP holders, I was reluctant to spend any more money. I bought the cheapest ones possible, they hook over the toilet tank and you slide a roll onto it.

But I couldn’t reach. It’s behind you while you’re sitting there, and you can’t see where the roll begins. If I forget to put a starter turn on it so at least one square hangs down…OK enough detail. I could not stand the two holders I’d bought for these two bathrooms. It’s been 3 weeks and it aggravated me every time I used the toilet. And since I drink 8 oz of water every hour…well you connect the dots.

I found two of these at The Special Store for $3.50 each! I washed them, polished them, and set them up!

The $5 fill-a-bag is always fun. I wanted some trays, but these botanical canvasses would fill the bill! Into the bag they went. The brown chick bowl was too cute to pass up. So were those 4 Hall trinket trays. I discovered they are soap dishes by Hall, and given the type of mark, produced from 1969 onward. I love Hall products. I have a Hall’s teapot made between 1915-1930. It is my oldest teapot.

Perhaps before air conditioning when people would have windows open and someone came in the door and all the papers would go WHOOSH, they needed paperweights. But today we don’t need paperweights so much. It’s so pretty! And my initial. How could I resist? I had plenty of room in the bag. It’s from Punch Studio according to the sticker on the back.

I researched Punch Studio, the folks who made the crystal paperweight. Their artists marry vintage ephemera with hand painted watercolors to create original artwork. This is certainly intricate and unique.

I needed dishtowels. Hence, the brown dishtowel under the chick bowl. So that was the $5 bag. The TP holders were extra as mentioned, $7 for the pair. I also got a hanger with hooks. You can just see it under the print of the peach in the photo above. I needed something to hang my necklaces. The mug tree’s curved arms made the necklaces all slide down to the trunk of the mug tree and it looked messy. This is much neater. Furthermore, it’s on the other side of the bureau, so when I enter the room it’s not the first thing I see. The hanger was $1.

I got three more dishtowels since they were only $1 apiece. I always need fridge magnet pads, and they are ridiculously expensive to buy at the store. So I got the one with the red ribbon on top. Something not pictured is another problem solve. The Spectrum internet guys hooked up the modem and the router and left them on the floor. I was worried that the two electrical items would get too hot. I found a mesh stand, intended as office product, to put them on. They both fit nicely. $2.

The books were hardcover, so $2 each. Chronicles Volume One is an autobiography by Bob Dylan, which also happened to be winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. It opens with Dylan arriving in 1961 Greenwich Village, alone, knowing no one, with a guitar strapped to his back and pennies in his pocket. We journey through the ’60s with him at the epicenter. The book is pristine, I don’t think anyone has ever read this copy. I’m looking forward to it.

The other book I got was “A Fortune in the Junk Pile” an overview of antiques. It’s an old book, an antique itself with a publication date of 1963, but it had some good information in it when I opened to skim. She explains what things are. Like antimacassar…

I also got a world map. I always have one up on my wall at school. I like maps and the kids enjoy looking at them too. My map of many years has gotten faded and somewhat crunched up. A fresh NatGeo map on my classroom wall fills the bill. $1.

I solved my dishtowel problem, TP dispenser problem, router problem, and necklace problem for low cost. I got some cute things, pretty things, and interesting things. A good day at the vintage store!

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