A cool, fresh morning

By Elizabeth Prata

I’ve chosen to have my packages held at the Post Office rather than be delivered to my apartment. I don’t have an awning or a stoop or anything to protect the package from sun or rain, so my carrier suggested an alternative, hold at PO. Amazon emails me when a package has been delivered, hence my need to hop in the car and go to the PO. I also had a couple of bags of garbage to bring to the dump.

My trash pickup isn’t settled yet, and the package-at-the-post-office issue necessitate leaving my comfy digs and go into the world. I’m glad to go out in the morning when it’s cool. And what a morning! It was EXTRA cool, lovely and sunny! Wow, I was so jazzed.

I saw my carrier loading her car, poor gal! It’s two days after Amazon’s Prime Day, and her car looked like a giant Tetris tower of brown boxes loaded to the rafters. In the old days there was the Publisher’s Clearing House mailings, THE household name for decades of direct mail marketing. Now the mail carriers have Prime day to deal with. (And they manage so well, too! I’ve always had wonderful service from my carriers).

I used to work at the PO putting up Post Office box mail…I know how Newman feels.

It was a bit past the Golden Hour, when the sunshine makes everything look so golden upon rising for about an hour after peeking above the horizon, but the light was still velvety and rich without being eyeball-searingly bright. I was glad I’d grabbed my camera.

Here is what my journey the few miles to the PO and the transfer station looked like!

As I walk out my door and look right, there is a little pond
I live a mile and a half from where I work, at school. This is behind my school and adjacent High School. The ‘Red Raiders’ water tower.
The dew was heavy on the lawn on the High School grounds, but evaporating where the sun had already hit
A flock of flamingoes visiting the fields and ponds here in Madison County! See how nice the sun looks on the fence? Golden!
The cows don’t seem too impressed with the nice day, or maybe they are. Hard to tell…
It sure is a nice ride to the Transfer Station!
Fields, cows, horses, birds, and fences!
Sooo congested…
Coming back around now, passing again by the back of my school and the High School, and the barns and greenhouses
Nice flowers. Across the street an elderly gentleman was sitting on his back porch reading his Bible.
I live in a town that is the county seat. It’s also a service center, hosting the county courthouse etc. Yet it is still attractive and small enough to enjoy. This is the major mall on the main drag.
Attractive church across the street from the business mall.
Turning onto my lane, a bird flies out from the trees and lights on the wires above my car, tweeting away happily
Hope sweet home! Only half an hour passed but it was delightful!

My place is on a border of a commercial and a residential zoning. When I open my door and step into the parking lot I look straight ahead to the back of a commercial building. To the left is a restaurant with a pickup truck lined parking lot and two dumpsters. To the right is a mobile home crowded with cars and kid toys on the lawn. But I don’t look at those. I look at the birds, the trees, the pond, the grass, and the skies. Your cup is either half full or half empty.

4 thoughts on “A cool, fresh morning

  1. Your writing and photography are so beautiful. I feel as though I have accompanied you on your morning jaunt. It was a lovely way to begin the day. Thank you for inviting me along.

  2. You are so blessed to have such beautiful scenery around you. Love the pics.

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