It’s Amazon Prime Day

By Elizabeth Prata

Amazon was founded in mid-1994.

Amazon launched on July 16, 1995 as a website that only sold books.

In May 1997, Amazon went public.

In early 1997 I went online, with a slow AOL connection of 300 baud.

In November 1997, I made my first order at Amazon. Is it highly ironic that my very first purchase at 24 years ago was, “Why Things Bite Back : Technology and the Revenge of Unintended Consequences” by
Edward Tenner?

It obviously didn’t take me long to hop onto the notion of buying online, or e-commerce as it became known. I instantly bonded with the notion that I could press a few buttons and a few days later have things I desired appear at my home. What sort of witchcraft is this?! Living in Maine, the winter months were anathema to me. Driving anywhere in slushy, or frigid, or snowy conditions was not my favorite. And where we lived, you had to drive far to get to any service center where the stores were. I loved Amazon’s convenience from the start.

Today on Amazon for Prime Day I bought a new lined journal for my note-taking during Sunday School Lessons and sermons. I only had a few pages left. I like the Lemome bullet journal for these reasons:

It’s the right thickness.
It has an elastic to keep it shut.
It has a pen loop to contain a pen.
It has points that make lines instead of lines, so I can orient my writing left to right, or not, without corrupting the visual.
The paper feels nice.
It has a back envelope to tuck in stuff.
It’s hardcover but not heavy.
It has a built-in ribbon for a bookmark.

I bought a cookie sheet. My other one has gotten too grungy.

I got a set of 4 gluten free, grain free hot cereal boxes that each have 4 envelopes inside. I eat oatmeal almost every day but sometimes I’d enjoy having an alternative to choose from. I love grits, but the carbs are high. I love cream of wheat, but I can’t have wheat. This cereal is seeds only but tastes good and it fills me up, especially if I add fruit. It’s expensive, but the Amazon price was cut by 43% which made it a frugal choice.

Summertime for me is the life of the mind. I got compression socks. I sit most of the day, writing, editing, researching, reading. Compression socks help the circulation. I do drink 8 oz of water every hour, so the result is getting up to pour a new one and going to the bathroom, and I take the opportunity to walk around a little like they say to do. But the socks really help.

So that’s it- cookie sheet, journal, socks, and cereal. Each item was on sale, plus I used the rest of a gift card plus my ‘points’ I had accumulated. I dwindled the total down about 65%. All things I needed and nothing frivolously bought. #FrugalLife.

One task for today: clean and reorganize my jewelry. In the move, my jewelry box was jumbled up, the necklaces are now tangled and the earring pairs are spread apart.

I took out a necklace I had since 1998 to wear to church and suddenly saw that it had gotten kind of dark. That and the disarray made me decide to re-organize it and clean it all this morning. Plus, I’d googled tips on how to clean silver. I have a few pieces of silver jewelry that though I polish, over time had gotten looking too grungy. The videos I watched showed a simple and easy method, but I was suspicious. I’d learned that these videos sometimes are doctored. The simplest and least expensive method I viewed was to line a bowl with tin foil. Place silver object (cup, jewelry, utensil…) into bowl, making sure the object touches the tin foil. Pour boiling water over the object to cover. Add baking soda. Watch chemical reaction! Then, items miraculously turn out sparkling! Rinse and dry. Repeat if the tarnish was deep and need another dose.

It looked simple. TOO simple. Oh well, I had 4 lb of baking soda I’d bought to clean my carpets for the move, tin foil which is an inexpensive item to experiment with, and a hot pot to boil water. Can’t hurt to try.

Notice that the silver pin is brown against the silver of the tin foil.
I’m ready!
It bubbled up a lot! That is satisfying. It means some cleaning is a-goin’ on!
From brown to sparkling!

I was so excited at how easy this was that I did ALL my silver jewelry! It all came out sooo nice. I highly recommend this method.

So that’s some of my day so far. Later I’m meeting a friend at Dunkin Donuts. Tonight I want to read some more of The Vanishing Conscience by John MacArthur and Hero of the Empire about Churchill. And to end the day I’ll watch another episode of Jade Fever on Amazon Prime. Happy Prime Day!

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