Some things I’m delighted with

By Elizabeth Prata

Monday, yesterday, was the first day of summer vacation for me. I know, school ended two weeks ago, so why haven’t I slumped into slow summer living yet? Well, I moved.

But now I’m in, settled, and developing a routine in my new place. Not everything is brand new anymore, I know where things are and don’t have to search 5 drawers before I find the forks, lol. There are some things I’ve arranged or bought that I’ve now used for a week or so, and some of these I am highly delighted in! Let me share.

I got a window box of greenery to put in my front window. The bookcase goes 3 inches higher than the window ledge and I didn’t like that people approaching the apartment would be greeted with the back of the bookcase for a view. I got the window box and put it inside so it blocks the bookcase back’s plywood and offers something fresh to look at. It’s growing fast and I love it! I think it is so pretty.

I love how the living room looks.

A friend kindly came over to help me hang some more of my art.

Last night was the first time I went to my Reading Room and started a book. It’s a biography of the early life of Winston Churchill. It’s a good book. I read for the last hour of the day before bed. Whenever I do this I end up relaxed. This as opposed to watching TV until bed. Even if I watch something calm that has no ads, it still jangles me. Reading is a quiet and relaxing way to end the day. I will do this more often, especially since my Library Room is so nice. And it’s not like I don’t have plenty of books to choose from!

I am more than delighted with my vintage electric skillet! You can do everything in it! It heats so well, it looks so good, it cleans so easily. They really knew how to make things back in the day.

In the “Use What You Have” department, I had a problem with my longer necklaces. In my old apartment I’d hung them from the side of my bookcase in the bedroom with push pins. Now that the bookcase is in the reading room, I had these long necklaces crowding my jewelry box and getting tangled. What to do? I know! Since I don’t need the mug tree any more, all my teacups are displayed in a shelving unit in the kitchen, I can hang the necklaces from the mug tree! It worked out well.

Well that’s it. I just wanted to publish a happy little note about some things I’m happy with. It’s important to count your blessings, love what you have, and be grateful.

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