Snippets of my day

Two luxurious weeks off. Mmmm, what to do? Read! I have plenty to choose from at home.


“What I did on my Christmas vacation”. I ORGANIZED something. Oh, the joy that fills my heart. I fixed up the clothes-laundry area in my garage. I’d ordered a portable shelving holder from Amazon and I set it up in the spot where the washer-dryer is. I like maximizing space, and so I did!


Murray is very active in the mornings when I first get up. He runs around like a nut, looks out of every window, plays with everything except the toys I’ve bought him (frayed thread on hanging towel, shower curtain, other sleeping cat, imaginary shadow…). When he finally decides to settle for a nap, as all moms of kids and fur babies say, Amen!


Practicing with Pixlr, this time, “Space silhouette”


Aww too bad this job had been filled already by an eccentric. I’d like to have applied for it…

The Cave-dwelling Hermitess of Colonial America


The wind is howling and though it’s warm now, the temps are supposed to plunge throughout the day as a cold front moves in. Perfect for staying warm in leggings and oversize comfy shirt, with tea. My last teabag of Stash “Christmas Morning Black and Green tea” awaits.


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