Trip to Elberton, in photos

I was driving to Elberton Thursday. It’s a city 17 miles to the east of my town. I don’t usually drive in that direction but I had to renew my driver’s license and I’d heard the DMV in Elberton is a bit more streamlined and friendly than others in the region.

I go through a small town called Carlton and I drive through lots of wooded areas. It’s pretty. As I drove I held up my camera over my shoulder and shot. I like these kind of spontaneous non-framed up shots. Here they are-


the old wood warehouse, with old truck

one of many churches

Carlton, architectural antiques, scrap, and odds N ends

the feedmill

graffiti on train. In real life it was pretty and well done

Old timey old store

Eyes are always on the road. Camera points wherever.

Tiny Town. No, really. Look at the sign.

Home. magnolia leaves in winter

the yard in winter

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