Frittata Weekends

Weekday mornings are rushed, like they are for most people. I get up early enough, but it never seems like I can get all the things done I need to in that hour before I leave for work. As a result, breakfast is usually a quick cereal, or an egg slapped on the griddle and then mashed between two pieces of toast or bread for a sandwich I can gobble on the way to the car.

So on Saturday and Sunday I like to take my time and enjoy. On Sundays I make pancakes, and Saturdays I make an egg dish.

The last two Saturdays I made frittata. This is like an omelet, but not folded over. It’s a crustless egg dish cooked on the stove top and usually finished under the broiler. It differs from a quiche because the eggs are not baked in a pie, and it differs from scrambled because you leave the eggs alone.  As mentioned, it differs from an omelet because you don’t flip it or fold it. It’s open faced, as it were.

Last week was roasted peppers and Sriracha sauce frittata.

Today was a tomato, roasted scallion, and Romano cheese frittata. I was roasting some whole peppers in the oven and I threw in the scallions I had. When they came out they were so crunchy-good I decided to use a few on the frittata.

The key to frittata is to leave it alone, cook it slowly, and it’s done when the top is no longer liquid. You can put it under the broiler at the end of you want, to cook the last bit of liquid and to brown the edges.

This week’s frittata is thicker because above, I used only one egg, my usual method. Today I used two, because the eggs were small.

It should slide off the pan onto your plate easily. You can have any side dish with a frittata that you usually have when you eat eggs. Today I had toast. Since the oven was on I popped the buttered bread into the oven to use some of that nice heat. Remember, frugal.

It’s a nice way to start your weekend off, preparing a civilized breakfast. As the frittata was cooking I went outside into the predawn to video the wayward rooster. His cockle-doodle-do-ing sometimes comes out whole and sometimes he cuts it off in what sounds like a chicken coughing fit. Today we had a nice cardinal, warblers, and the rooster waking up the day.


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