Back to school!

It has been a good summer but this past Friday it came to a screeching halt, as all the children streamed back inside my elementary school, and we began another school year.

I loved seeing the little kids in their “First Day Best” outfits and hairbows and new backpacks. They are so eager and hopeful, aside from the little ones in Pre-K and K who cry for mama and don’t want to let go.

Going from a sedate speed of 2 miles an hour during the restful and leisurely summer to 1000 miles an hour with a million things to do each minute, takes a toll the first few weeks but we all eventually get used to it again.

The school year might have begun but we are still in the throes of a full Georgia summer. The flowers are still blooming and the landscape is still pretty. I took a few shots as I went to the bank this afternoon.




comer 2a


comer 3

Here’s a nice shot of some yellow roses from the yard and also some rocks I’ve collected and enjoy looking at on my picnic table.

yellow roses





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