Pixlr challenge: ArtModern

Every week Pixlr posts a new challenge, and every month the challenge is accompanied by the rresentation of a new overlay pack.

This week/month it’s a challenge to use the new pack: Artmodern.

I thought of this picture I’d taken in San Francisco in 2004. I’d liked the juxtaposition of the handpainted funky sign with the sleek steel city skyscrapers. Before I used the overlay I’d masked the sign, then I added the overlay Artmodern:Language. I think Language overlay is going to be a fave of mine. To finish, I also added border Ripped Paper: Atta, Here it is.

Vesuvio is the iconic bar founded in 1948, across the alley from City Lights Bookstore, ground zero for the Beat Generation. The bar was frequented by famous beats such as Lawrence Ferlighetti and Neal Cassady, and the generations after them, including Bob Dylan.

I don’t know the people in the photo. They were just there when I was taking my photo.


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