Ephemera bonanza

All you scrapbookers, collage enthusiasts, and bookbinders, be jealous. Be very, very jealous. In the crafting world, I have received the equivalent to an inheritance.

A friend was cleaning out the family attic and received permission to take away all the paper goods. In the recent past during one clean-out, she already gave me a bucket of fabric with glorious colors and retro patterns. Some of it is delightfully funky, like the elephants. See photo below

Well the bonanza today is ephemera. She gave me a bag loaded full of wrapping papers, odd ephemera, and greeting cards ranging from modern back to 1960s. Here is a taste.

First the ephemera. They range from old stamps to 40s vintage valentine doo dads to vintage post cards to art from the cover of greeting cards from all eras.

Then there was a ton of wrapping papers of varying thicknesses and designs.

The pink baby elephants crack me up

Several of these papers remind of 1970s Ziggy. Remember Ziggy?

Sorry the yellow didn’t come out well. It’s really pretty

These are my top favorites. First the wide view, then close-ups

The flower one at the top left is like
the bedroom flower wall paper I had as a kid

When is this from?! Looks like the 1940s!

Flower power!

1960s, 1970s? I dunno but it’s garishly funky

So precious! So vintage!

 I’d given away most of my papers and had not bought or searched for any more, these last 4 years. I was getting low but that was OK because I was not bookbinding nor collaging, never mind painting. But a few months ago I got the urge again. The Lord provided. Thanks to thoughtful people I have been fully-re-stocked. Now just for some time to actually enjoy my hobby. Oh, wait…


3 thoughts on “Ephemera bonanza

  1. The little pink elephants caught my eye right away! I like the vintage little children's rodeo, and the 1940s happy birthday singing birds, too. The yellow design with the ovals (in the “Remember Ziggy” picture, right side, top), that reminds me of my favorite blanket when I was little. It had a pattern something like that.

    Are you going to post pics showing what you did with these?!


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