Digital photography School examples

The Digital Photography School tweets out links to tips. I always read them. I’m trying to do better with my photography but I know it’s not going to happen. I’ve hit a ceiling and I don’t study enough and practice enough to break through. That’s OK, where I am now keeps me amused enough. I don’t work for the newspaper anymore anyway so there is no professional need to go beyond. I do have an eye and intuitively I can do well. I’m a good amateur. But that’s about it.

Here are DPS tips on minimalist photography. In their first example, I was struck by how similar a few of my photos are to theirs of a door. In theirs, color makes the difference. When you see theirs and mine side by side you can immediately tell why mine have hit the ceiling and theirs are great.

Here is the article. I recommend you read it in its entirety and go to Valerie’s website for more. She is very good.

Minimalist Photography ~ 4 Tips To Keep It Simple With A Maximum Impact  A Post By: Valerie Jardin

Digital Photography School

Elizabeth Prata

It looks like I did a little better with this one.

Digital Photography School

©Valerie Jardin ~ The use of negative space
is an integral part of minimalist photography.

Elizabeth Prata

But then again, I seem to be hit or miss-

Digital Photography School

©Valerie Jardin ~ Using a shallow depth of field will allow you to
isolate your subject from a distracting background.

Digital Photography School

Elizabeth Prata

Digital Photography School

©Valerie Jardin ~ You can use a minimalist approach in nature
as well as in an urban environment.

Elizabeth Prata. This, like the heather above, is one I think I nailed, Very minimalist.

This one about texture- I think I nailed it too.
Digital Photography School

©Valerie Jardin ~ The viewer should be able to almost feel the texture.
Sometimes it’s all about finding a creative angle to make the photograph.

Elizabeth Prata

So it’s clear to me I have an eye for what makes a good photo, and for composition and texture. I took my shots way before I saw the DPS examples, that’s why I was struck by their similarity. I must have something upstairs in the creative drawer of my mind.

But it is clear I do need to study more about light and fix the gol-durn settings on my camera. I messed them up. The lens in my 12-year-old digital Canon Sure Shot keeps falling out and it won’t re-seat properly, so there’s that obstacle to overcome too.

The water drop and the doors are admittedly embarrassing for their lofty ambitions and complete failure to execute, but I’ll take a heather or birds against stormy sky or gargoyle shot any day.

Onward and upward. It’s good to have goals.


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