23 Thanksgiving recipes you can do in the crock pot

Someone on Facebook posted the above with a link. I read most of the recipes and I was excited that I would do many of them. The easiest was the sweet potato recipe.

The Marketplace (local mom & mop grocery store) had a sale on sweet potatoes, 38 cents/pound. I bought about half a dozen potatoes and vowed to try cooking them in the crock pot.

It could not have been easier. OK, it could have, if I had a butler do it. But here is the “recipe” and I put recipe in quotes because there is nothing to it, really

Wash potatoes and poke them. As is usual, try to find potatoes that are nearly the same size so they cook evenly together. Place in crock pot. No need to prepare crock. Just put potatoes in. Cover and cook on high 3-4 hours. That’s it.

Mine took 3 1/2. They come out so creamy! Very moist, just falling apart. Top with favorite topping, butter, salt, cinnamon or even a bit of brown sugar. I like doing them this way because crocks use less electricity than ovens, and also I can put them in and go take a nap for a while and not worry!

If you want to take out the meat and use for a further recipe that works too. The meat just slides out and separates from the skin very easily. Wait until they cool, though, lol. My ole mum used to make Thanksgiving dish of sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top. As a kid I loved it. I still do! What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes you remember from childhood?


7 thoughts on “23 Thanksgiving recipes you can do in the crock pot

  1. My mom always made a sweet potato souffle, topped with marshmallows. I'm not sure why this is called a souffle but I suspect she made that up to make it sound fancier. 🙂 It's made with mashed sweet potatoes, butter, sugar, brown sugar, milk and eggs, which is all the normal southern stuff, but then you add cinnamon, nutmeg and coconut. Since I love stuffing too much to give it up, I have sacrificed the sweet potato souffle in my old age to try to make things a bit healthier, but I have fond memories of it, when the marshmallows didn't burn. haha

  2. Those crock pot recipes look great, and the timing of them providential! 🙂

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish: my family's homemade stuffing. The secret ingredient: mace. I still make this dish all these years later.


  3. Hi Elizabeth!

    Well, two very fat sweet potatoes in a somewhat smaller crock pot for 4 hours on high didn't quite cook as thoroughly as I would have liked, but we were hungry, so…

    Anyhow, another hour or two and they would have been melt in your mouth good. So I shall try again, and give them more time! It was easy as pie to prep them – wash, poke, and in they went. No fuss!

    Thanks for your culinary ideas. 🙂 They are a highlight in my week.


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