Quiet summer is here

Today is the first official day of summer break. I celebrated by going to bed early last night and waking up an hour later this morning, lol. I made a run to the Dollar Store because I forgot to buy mayo yesterday, and I decided I needed to get some frozen shells. I have a ton of eggs. Two friends with chickens each separately gave me a bunch. I plan to use some in a green bean pate recipe that calls for a lot of boiled eggs. I’ll make two quiches, also. Hence the need for frozen pie shells. (Red pepper & onion quiche, and mushroom and cheddar quiche).

I’ve got some laundry tumbling in the dryer and some writing to do. I’ve got chamomile sun tea brewing in mason jars in the sun outside. I’ve got lime and green apple fruit infused water steeping in the fridge.

At 3:00 at church we have a meet & greet our new prospective pastor. That should be really fun. Afterwards I’ll come home, make the stuff I mentioned above, and then watch a young John Wayne in a 1934 movie “The Lucky Texan.” I LOVE westerns!

All in all a great first day of summer. Some friends are headed to concerts. Some are headed to beaches. Others are fighting off bears on camping trips. Me … I like the quiet life. Sun tea, a table fan, and a book is all I want. I’m glad friends are on the go. But I’m the kind who likes to stay.

The backyard
The side yard

My view for the next 70 days!!

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