The end of the school year

EPrata photo

I live across the street from one of my District’s elementary schools. Not the one I work at. My school is 6.5 miles up the street.

This was the last day of school for teachers. The last day of school for students was last Friday. The buses came to their parking spots and turned off the ignition…and that was it. There they will stay until it is time to crank up the school year again.

Now not even teachers’ cars will come and go. The parking lot will be empty and for the most part, so will the school. (The Administrators, secretary and custodial staff will be in the schools). Compared to the hundreds of people who populated the schools each day, it is a veritable skeleton crew.

I like living by a different schedule than the schedule the non-teaching world lives by, January to December. In Georgia, the year for me goes from August to May. The buses are quiet…the school is quiet…the playground is quiet. Right now the quiet is welcome. But by August, I’ll be saying, “It’s quiet…TOO quiet.”


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