A wonderful day

I’m watching the rest of season 2 of the BBC series “Line of Duty”. It is an excellent show. Well-written, suspenseful in that it keeps us guessing on the guilt or innocence of the parties involved, and it is extremely well acted. I love that it’s only 6 episodes so I don’t have to commit too deeply, nor be strung out or emotionally manipulated for too long.

It’s on Hulu. Definitely check it out.

I’m on vacation now, it is Spring Break. And forget spring, it’s summer. The temps are upper 70s and low 80s, no humidity and clear blue skies. It’s wonderful!! Just LOOK at this day!

The house we lived in when I was a teenager. My mother was a great decorator. I loved the antiques. From the vintage chair to the grandfather clock to the Victorian couch to the needlepoint pillows, that gorgeous bureau…and the wonderful art on the walls-she really had a great eye.

Have a great day everyone!


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