Making inroads with the new kitty

I love weekends. I’m sorry this one is drawing to a close.

It’s been warm and nice. I’ve napped, read, watched tv on my computer, corresponded, wrote blogs, listened to music and sermons. What I have not done is cleaned nor cooked, two things that are necessary for me to get ready for the week. Oh well. I see a lot of sandwiches in my future.

Five more workdays and then spring vacation. Well, two days during the following week are two days the School Officials determined to recover from all the snow days we had in February. Monday and Tuesday. Oh well.

I’ve been watching the BBC’s highly rated and well-reviewed cop series called ‘Line of Duty.’ LOL, the BBC’s ‘season’ is five episodes long. I kind of like that. It’s long enough to develop a complicated story but short enough to keep my attention.

I also really enjoyed the BBC’s Collision series a while back. Another good one. Ditto as above.

My big accomplishment this weekend was that I finally successfully trimmed my kitty’s claws. I’ve spent several weeks running up to it. He lived his first two or three months outside as a stray, so he is not so used to being handled. So over the last 8 weeks I pick up and hold the cat at odd times. I press the pads gently. I give him a treat when he allows touching. I comb his hair. I put him down before he gets restless. Repeat. I’ve trimmed one or two at a time, but finally I clipped all the front claws- and no blood drawn from him with trimming them too closely and none from me with his scratching. Yay!

In 5 hours I’ll be in dreamland. When I wake up, another work-week begins. The kids made me laugh a lot last week. I hope for more of the same. Soon, a vacation will lull me to relaxation-land. I’m looking forward to that.


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