Bountiful Basket day and crazy kitties

It’s a warmish spring day and I went to Danielsville to pick up my Bountiful Basket. There was a lot in it. Here are two photos of how pretty the food looks.

Good looking produce, huh?!

I plan to make a black bean-corn-sweet pepper salad. We received a jicama in our basket and I plan to make a Jicama Salad with that and the strawberries and the rest of the peppers I don’t use in the black bean salad.

We also received broccoli, so I’ll roast that. Asparagus will be steamed. Romaine goes on sandwiches. Heirloom cherry tomatoes will be mixed into Penne and likely some of the asparagus too. We received lots of citrus, including mandarin oranges so I’ll peel those and make an orange and pineapple salad for my lunches.

I could go on but that’s the gist of it. I’m sad I forgot to buy quiche shells at the store yesterday, I’d planned to make a quiche. I love broccoli-cheese quiche. That’ll have to wait till next time.

I took a walk around the yard to see what was what. It’s in good shape. The place seems to have weathered the hard winter pretty well. I cleaned out my flower pots and got them ready for new seeds. I filled the bird feeder and the birdies are happy. And I spotted some of these strange looking colorful objects in the yard also, hm, what could they be????

Soon there will be a ton more out there. I really do enjoy bringing in a flower or two for my kitchen windowsill.

A boy at school has been missing his parapro, who is visiting her grown & married daughter and her new grandbaby for a week. On Friday I let the kids play at centers for 10 minutes or so. They can go to books, marker board, blocks or art. This week I also added Legos. As I asked each of the 7 children in the group what they wanted to do they all slid off their chairs and went to their chosen center. But one boy said “I want to write a note and draw a picture” for the parapro that he was missing so much. He worked a long time on the picture and then asked me to help him write the note. It all took about 10 minutes and during this time the other children were playing and laughing and having a good time. He persevered. When he got done he asked to go to blocks.

I was both inspired and ashamed of myself. Next to the boy was a tantalizing and fun playtime with fun toys, but this 6 year old boy sat and did something to serve another, selflessly. If I had been sitting three feet away from a fun or a tantalizing thing would I have resisted long enough to have finished a task that would benefit another? Probably not. That’s why I was ashamed f myself and inspired by him. Kids are amazing.

My new kitty runs around like a nutcase at night and often wakes me up. Especially when he runs over the CPAP machine and steps on the button that turns it off. I have to sit up and turn it back on. Also he likes to play with the tubing so I have to haul that up and tuck it under the covers so his claws can’t puncture a hole in it. This means I can’t turn over as much. Sigh. I know when he is older I’ll long for the days when he was so cute in discovering everything and running around. But all it means today is that I’m tired and I’m going to take a nap! Till next time…


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