Beaches, blankies, and bingo! Winter’s here

‘Tis a cold and blustery day here in north Georgia, but the sun is spectacularly shining and I am warm and clean and dry. It’s the little things. Plus, I just ate a scrambled egg wrapped in a soft flour tortilla, one of my new favorite meals.

My bronchitis got a bit worse yesterday but a dear friend came to my rescue last night, showing up before the Dollar Store closed having bought me NyQuil, Cough med, Kleenex, and cough drops. And some Pop Tarts, lol.

NyQuil…what is IN that stuff? It always knocks me out and last night was no exception. Man, it felt good to get a straight 8 hours’ rest with no coughing. My muscles were tired and overworked this morning from all that coughing all day yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday, is there anything better on a cold Sunday afternoon than to curl up on the couch with a blankie and a kitty or two, and watching Shrek? Nope, there isn’t.

I was going through my old photos a few days ago and came across this one from Naples, FL. Or Venice FL. I really like this, the low perspective, the sand castle in the foreground and the footsteps leading to the two people almost off the edge of the frame in the background. It was taken with a Lomo camera, which I used to love, love, love. Just file this photo under ‘things I like for no reason’. Or maybe the reason is I’m thinking about a warm beach right now on this blustery cold day!


One thought on “Beaches, blankies, and bingo! Winter’s here

  1. Aw, so glad to hear a friend ministered to you and brought you some cough meds. We (we = husband and I) have been praying. I don't know what is in Nyquil either, but it seems to knock just about everyone flat out. Maybe it's like the old timers that used to give people whisky and let them sweat it out?

    Glad to hear you can curl up with Bert and Luke.

    That beach photo is gorgeous – I like those details too, especially the two people way off in the distance.


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