9 thoughts on “Barns

  1. HI Christiae,

    Thanks! I was looking for one photo in particular I know I have, but I must have put it into the external drive. it is a wide-plank, vertical barn that has just the right amount of weathering.

    The red barn with the flag on it has been rebuilt and repainted by now.

    There is quite a variety of barns in this rural county!

  2. I love barns! And the best part about barns:

    I love love love their cute little chattering call. Especially when there's a flock of them, and they're all cheerfully gabbing away with each other. I love to watch them swoop and dive, catching insects on the wing.

    Last summer I got to see one up close – he was perched on a fence and my face was 6″ away from him (he wasn't scared of me!), and I just admired God's amazing handiwork. What a beautiful display of Christ's artistry, with their iridescent blue and orange feathers. So beautiful.


  3. HI Carolyn,

    Thanks for the link to all about birds. I had not known that it was the barn swallow that had those gorgeous neon blue wings! How wonderful you had the chance to look at one up close. God's handiwork, for sure. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Hi Elizabeth, you're welcome. The all about birds link is very helpful. Your barn photos made me think about the barn swallows. 🙂

    I really enjoyed your barn pictures, the fourth one down from the top, “Trotters Park”, and the last one being my fav's.

    Thanks for sharing a slice of rural GA life with us!


  5. Trotters Park was a horse exercise park in New Gloucester Maine. Before that it was a horse racing venue. Now it is the fairgrounds for the town and a walking park. The sign is gone but the barn remains.

  6. 🙂 Thanks for the background on the Trotters Park picture – I guess there was some rural ME in there, too! 🙂


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