Fun art

When I ran my own business, I used to take 2 weeks of vacation a year, one week at Fourth of July and the other during Christmas. I was living in Maine then, and I would go down to Venice Florida for the Christmas week.

I liked to pack light, taking with me only a carry-on. The first thing I’d do when I got there and picked up my rental car would be to go to the Dollar Store or similar kind of store, and buy craft supplies. The three main relaxation activities I’d do would be to go to the beach, to drive to nearby state or national parks, and in the evenings, stay in my room watching TV (which a busy, self-employed business owner rarely got to do) and do crafts.

One year, I bought a set of dot paints and a pack of index cards. I wanted to see how many different paintings I could make while limiting myself to the same size “canvas”. It was interesting to challenge myself like that. Here are a few of the results.

Beach at sunrise


Beach at sunset


Pine forest dawn


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