Fruit basket turnover

I’m sitting here in front of the fan over here, with the AC on over there, iTunes playing 4 Non Blondes Revolution. I’m lip synching “I’m feeling…a little peculiar…I scream at top of my lungs, what’s going ONNNN!”

Who hasn’t felt like that in their life? Shout it, sister! What’s going onnn, indeed.

It is still hot out but not as hot as other places in the US and not as stormy, so that is a blessing.

I was sitting here writing the blog entry for today, and Luke came up and laid down. He doesn’t usually stay up on the table long, wanting some petting and then running off to explore the lint in the trash can or a dead bug in the window screen or something. But he sat down and laid there a while. I don’t think he feels all that great. Maybe the heat, maybe a small eye infection he seems to get now and then. Anyway, he is laying there and Bert whomps up onto the tabletop and starts to groom him. They do that to each other and it is not a problem.

I missed the shot by half a second…Bert looked away at the last moment.

I got a basket of blackberries. I am not exaggerating when I say that they are as big as my thumb. Or bigger. Also some tomatoes, which I chopped and put atop a small pizza crust with some Parmesan-Romano shaker cheese and baked it for lunch. Then I had the blackberries.

I was visiting a person and doing a bit of business. I noticed she had moved into a new office. Several people were in different offices. I complimented her on that move and she said, “Thank you, fruit basket turnover, you know…” And then got on with our conversation. LOL, I came home and looked it up. Fruit Basket Turnover is a children’s game similar to the one I grew up with called Musical Chairs. LOL. I love dialect.

So I do enjoy every moment of summer. I do the same thing at the same time in the same way every day. Ahhh, that is so comforting. Just call me Sheldon Cooper.

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