Cute overload: Live cam of Puffin burrow

Baby puffin so cute!! Live Cam of underground Puffin Burrow It is from Audubon’s Explore series. The live puffin cam was just opened yesterday. It is located on Seal Island, Maine, a natural rookery for the Atlantic bird, being well offshore and having no predators that can get to them.

Here is a still of the baby. It is looking at its mother.

Here is the mom, who went outside to take a walk, perhaps to lounge on the loafing ledge. Here is a link to video of the loafing ledge cam.

Puffins are definitely adorable!

“Audubon ornithologist Steve Kress says the video, which went live Wednesday, marks the first time high-definition cameras have been used in North America to stream video of Atlantic puffins.” (source)

Here is where Seal Island is:

The island is 10 miles offshore from Machias-Cutler Maine, but both the US and Canada claim it. However, the birds know nothing of this sovereign kerfuffle, and simply enjoy baby-raising, fish feasts, and sun all season. The cams will be open during the summer months. Which, at that latitude, lasts for about a minute.

You can take a birding tour to the offshore Island. I did and it was wonderful! I had a blast. We saw puffins galore, swimming and flying. The puffins are really small, and in reality look like a flying cigar!


One thought on “Cute overload: Live cam of Puffin burrow

  1. Thank you for this story and the links. In the Faroes, where I live, they have also installed cameras in puffin burrows. Not to show life, but to document emptiness. Because the sad thing is that there isn't enough food for the puffins, so they leave their eggs, and we get fewer and fewer puffins.

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