Hello, Thursday!

I love how there is this random bird who decides at 3:00am to suddenly start chirping. I’ll be laying there awake, and all is quiet. I hear the wind rustling in the leaves, the curtains gently brushing against the windowsill. Suddenly splitting the peace will be CHIRPCHIRPCHIRPCHIRPTWEETTWEETTWEET. LOL. I wonder why he isn’t sleeping? I wonder what he’s saying? Maybe he can never get a word in edgewise during the day and saves it up for 3:00am when no one else is chirping. Anyway, it always cracks me up.

I saw that new television series, “Bunheads.” The dialog was witty and fast, and it seemed like an intelligent show. It is about a down on her luck former ballet dancer and current Las Vegas showgirl dancer who marries a nice guy and it turns out his mom runs a ballet studio. It is on ABC Family and though it is not 100% clean, at least the pilot showed a fairly solid presentation morality-wise.

My summer routine has begun to include re-potting the aloe cuttings I’d put in the little espresso cups for decorating the kitchen windowsill. At night, it seems, the cats, one or both, nibble on the stalks. In the morning I see a little sprinkle of soil on the counter, and a cutting or two on the floor. So after a few days of this, duh, at night now I put them in a spot where they cannot reach.

A friend brought over some of the world’s largest figs, and also some squash. Thank goodness for friends with gardens! It was so sweet of her. I’m not kidding, the figs are as big as a baby’s head.

Speaking of random birds, here is a bird:

It is Plato the African Gray, at the Comer Farmer’s Market. At least he isn’t a Norwegian Blue.


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