Random and disjointed thoughts

You would think that with being at home for the summer and having few responsibilities, that I would not let the dishes pile up in the sink. You would think that…but you would be WRONG! LOL.

I just did a totally Asperger’s thing. I rarely wear this certain shirt, and I decided it was because the tags were bothering me. So I cut them off. And I decided the collar was bothering me too, so I cut THAT off too.

For a while this morning I was listening to Ave Maria instrumental of flute, while my cat was curled up in my arms and kneading my neck with his little head tucked under my chin. Can you say relaxing?

I was hoping my area of north Georgia would receive some rain from tropical storm Beryl, but  I think we’re just shy of the rain line. Too bad. We need the rain!

A satisfying and filling breakfast is a good thing. I note this because 180 days per year I do not have breakfast. I get up, have coffee, do my morning routine, and head to school. My first meal of the day is lunch at 11:30. I am aware that this is my own choice. I could get up at 5am instead of 6am and have breakfast. But I’m not hungry then. I don’t get hungry until after 8am. So that’s that. In summer I do enjoy having the time to make a regular breakfast and having the time to eat it.

The best thing about summer is being able to regulate my environment to one that is pleasing to me in every dimension: sight, sound, aesthetic, temperature, and clothing. Of course, being able to do what I want day after day is pretty fabulous, too.

Here is a random photo from the Italy files. It is the partially remaining outer wall of Rome’s Colosseum. If you want a sense of how big this structure is, note the guy walking next to the wall…


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