Blooming garden

The heat seems to have abated with the storms that came through yesterday, and I went outside to take some yard shots. After 6 consecutive days of sitting, I decided to get up. LOL.

The yard looks great, thanks to the landlord’s mowing and blowing yesterday, and the rain. It is verdant green carpet, with flowering bushes and budding trees everywhere.

This is some kind of flowering bush along the north side of the house. I know, that isn’t too knowledgeable nor is it very descriptive…
Here is a closeup of that bush. It is really pretty. It bloomed in the last few days.

And, even closer.
Now that I am outside, and not inside, the cat doesn’t know what’s happening. “Where is she? Why isn’t she in her chair? What is this screen between us? What is out there?” he kept following me from window to window…

Last year the landlord cut back the crepe myrtle. Or severely pruned. Or, as the Grumpy Gardener says, ‘crepe murder.’ Anyway, as the crepe myrtle comes back, it looks like Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons…

Last year I’d thrown around a bunch of flower seeds (again, not descriptive, I forget what kind these are) and here they are, nestled against the tree trunk in the front yard.

I planted a pepper, two flowers with a name starting with C, and some other flowers. LOL, I am not a gardener. I just bought what was cheap, pretty, and would last in a sunny spot with concrete, and went from there. If anything actually comes up I will be shocked. I spent a total of 20 minutes. At least I put them in fresh potting soil.

A friend of mine will give me an aloe cutting and also a spider plant cutting. I will stay on the lookout for small succulents to put in my white espresso cups. And now, I’m back down. Up is good. Down is better.

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