Closeup photos of pretty things

It was such a nice, and a long, dusk that I went outside to take some photos  closeup of some things I think are pretty. That’s all. 🙂

Closeup of feet of angel statue in my hanging garden

Closeup of a fabric flower in my hanging garden. It was part of a gift someone had given me. I thought the flowers were too bright and pretty to be thrown away.

Closeup of a marble on a hanging sun and moon windchime, another gift from a special and lovely person.

Coming back into the house, this painting hangs above my dining table. It is a painting of Naples Italy, and Vesuvius. The painting was given to me by a wonderful person I knew a while ago. People are very nice to me giving me these gifts. Whenever I look at them I think of the people who gave them to me.

Another detail from Naples Italy painting.

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