Amazingly warm

It is unseasonably warm here in North Georgia. After sunset tonight it is still 77 degrees. We are supposed to receive rain and thunderstorms and perhaps a tornado tonight, so I have that to look forward to. But the day itself was lovely and warm. Yesterday was warm, as well. I snapped this cotton candy cloud illuminated by sunset pink last night. It was over the pasture next door.

I love the little blue bell flowers on the lawn. I really like tiny flowers as much as I like the large ones. I put up a blog entry about large flowers the other day, here. The little flowers are so little there is no way to arrange them in a vase. Today I bought a glass salt shaker at the Dollar Store. This is the result:

I was going for a Martha Stewart/Simple Living, Casa Sugar/Repurposed kind of careless elegant chic. Don’t know if I got it but I do know that by tomorrow the cats will probably have eaten them.

I am looking forward to “my tv night.”Thursdays I enjoy watching Big Bang Theory and Person of Interest. I am so tired, though, I am not holding out hope for making it to 9 pm, never mind to the show’s conclusion at 10. But last time I went to bed early, thinking that I could catch POI (that’s what we cool espionage people call it, POI) on video through “full episodes” I was wrong. The show I’d missed never showed up on either the CBS or the Hulu websites. My life just hasn’t been the same, lol.

Well I’m going over to the couch and lay down. My bones are aching and my head is ringing with all the kid-stuff today. I’m pooped!


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