Calling ornithologists!

I’ve looked up all the Georgia woodpeckers and this one doesn’t fit the bill (ha ha) for red-headed, southern pileated, downy, ivory billed or red bellied woodpecker. Is it, could it be, a Red Cockaded Woodpecker? I ask because they are endangered. Any help is appreciated. These are in my yard in Madison County GA, slightly out of the noted range.


3 thoughts on “Calling ornithologists!

  1. I told my MIL and FIL about your question. He's a wildlife biologist and loves birds. Here's his response:
    This is a downy woodpecker. The red mark does not show up on a red-cockaded except during breeding season. Habitat for red-cockaded is old-growth pine, over sixty years old. Here are some websites for you to view pictures of the downy woodpecker and the red-cockaded woodpecker:



    Keith Wooster, Certified Wildlife Biologist


  2. Hi Marci,

    Thanks so much!! I had examined photos of the downy and the red cockaded but didn't see the similarity in the downy, I”ll take a look at the photo links you sent. The information about the red mark is great, I had not read that anywhere. Off to look at your pics!

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