Coming home from church, I travel a small road parallel to the railroad tracks, and come to a stop sign. Before I turn left, cross the tracks and ascend the hill to the highway, I’m staring at the Weyerhauser plant, nestled in among rolling hills and farmland and cows. This Sunday, even though it was cold out, the sky was vivid blue. I was struck by the yellow against the blue sky, and the symmetry of the three ladders. It’s not as vivid as it was in real life because I shot it through my windshield, which has brown tint on it. LOL, it was too cold to get out of the car.

Everyone is all excited around here because it’s supposed to snow a good snow tomorrow. I’m over it, having lived in New England for 46 years. But it would be nice to nestle down and have tea and my books and computer and cats and …oh wait, I say that every day regardless of whether it’s snowing!

We have a week vacation next week. School’s out! This is the time of year when everyone is tired and dragged out form the continuous rounds of adult colds and bronchitis and kids’ ear aches and strep throat. I am one of those. I have had bronchitis for over a week now and it is just not going away. I’m glad that people will have a chance to rest and recover from the “stuff” that’s going around.

If it snows, I’ll go outside and snap photos. But I sure am looking forward to March, when the flowers start to come out. I love flowers! All kinds. So even though I’m looking for color in any place, including the industrial plant, here are a few shots to get us through till the real colors in flowers shows up:


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