Now you see it, now you don’t

My favorite place to vacation was Downeast Maine, from Machias to Lubec/Eastport. I often took a cottage in Machiasport on the Machias River, and in latter years shifted to Lubec on Globe Cove, but truly, anywhere is gorgeous up there. Jasper Beach in Machias is an unusual beach. It has no sand, but only rocks from small to large that make up the beach. You walk on them and they clack like billiard balls, and they are round from being tumbled in the water. Being Downeast Maine, it is often foggy. There is a permanent fog bank that hovers over the water, and the day can range from having the fog bank stay off to coming in. But it is always there, distant or close, present and threatening. And since fog is silent, you can be enjoying the sun one moment, seeing the glinting water and feeling warm stones under your feet, and in the drizzly cold fog the next! Like this!


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