Corner View: "White"

Jane’s Corner View this week is “White.” Her other participants are listed there too, please take a moment to check them out and enjoy their interpretations of “White.”

Went away for a week in December and returned to a buried Saturn station wagon!

The world’s longest icicle

Historic New England cemetery in winter

Old barn window, circa 1800

Bellweather, lol. Notice the snow plastered on one side of the bell. Wind was fierce.

The morning after the storm, ice and snow…and white sun

All of the above taken in Maine, the whitest state in the nation with 95% Caucasian populace.


13 thoughts on “Corner View: "White"

  1. LOL on the map! I remember how much you disliked shoveling out your car….. although it was fun to watch you in the big fur coat and boots……

  2. Thanks ladies! Francesca, the town of Caribou, Maine is in the top 10 coldest cities in the us, but actually Maine's average annual temp is 42 F (5.5C). There are places that are bitter cold like International Falls Minnesota and Barrow Alaska. The irony is, the colder it is the less likely it will snow. The drier colder air is not conducive to snow, which needs humid waterlogged air and that occurs at warmer temps.

    Snow such as this, though, is a total headache to live in, with all the plowing, and cost and danger and mail can't be delivered unless your mailbox is shoveled out and disruption…I hate snow.

  3. Brrrr! We just started winter-proofing our house this week and are supposed to get our first frost tonight. Hard to believe that it was just in the mid 70's this past weekend. The cold always has a way of sneaking up on us here! You think we would be used to winter's tricks by now. 🙂

    I love the snow right after it falls and before everyone goes tromping and driving through it.. so soft and beautiful!

  4. Shoveling snow so you can get into your car? I hope you enjoyed some hot chocolate after you were done.

    (Christie) 5:18 AM

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