Things kids imagine

I was subbing today at the elementary school, and at this time we were doing art. This little girl I’ve known for over a year now is very verbal. I think she was born talking. When it is time to be quiet it is a problem, but when it’s OK to talk, I love to listen to her. She is non-stop.

Today the kids were painting fish. She had finished the ocean part blue and was working on painting the inside of her fish pink. The boy across from her painting station said that he was painting his fish’s teeth green. Little girl said,

“My fish doesn’t have green teeth but her breath is bad. She keeps trying to make it smell good but it keeps on smelling bad. Finally she tried eating strawberries and that worked and her breath smells good now, like perfume. But she had to eat so many strawberries that it made her insides pink. That is why my fish has pink insides.”

And that was the story she told to no one in particular as the kids painted happily on this rainy day in a classroom, in a school, in Georgia, in this wonderful world.


2 thoughts on “Things kids imagine

  1. Oh my goodness! You could have a blog dedicated to the things she says. At the very least a chart topping book. Fuuuuunny!!! Can't wait for the next one.

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