Morning in Colbert

I attended an all-day training for the Good News Club today and we needed to leave early. I was driving through the rural countryside here in northeast GA this morning at 7:00 and was astounded again at how beautiful God’s creation is. I arrived at the collecting point, Colbert Baptist Church, and snapped these two pictures as I waited for the rest of the team. At left is the garden across the street from the church, inside of which is a small labyrinth-like hedge and a leafy overhang where we have Easter sunrise service.

The second picture is of the crossroads street where the church is located, Fifth and Church Streets. Like any crossroads, one leads to a meandering way, and the other leads to salvation.

As we piled into the car and headed out across the county, we traveled one of the best and prettiest routes in the entire area. The morning fog (mist, really) was lifting but a heavy dew remained. We passed a pertly sitting black cat wearing a red ribbon with a bell, under a leafy tree. We rode by Crow Holler Farm. We rolled past a handmade sign advertising “Okra! cut daily.” A work truck promoting “Specific Window Cleaning” sat idling in the driveway. Meanwhile the dew was drying and the sun was peeking over the greening hills. The rain we received last night perked up all the greenery and the cows were let out to pasture and happily munching.

All too soon we arrived at our destination and as I went up the brick steps into the training place I turned for one last glance. I looked out over the fields, fields that are alive with growing things that will be harvested soon. I praised the Lord that He sent me to such a beautiful place, and went inside to learn how to better harvest souls for Him.


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