Best Christian Blog of the Week, and a new job

Cool! I was awarded “Best Christian Blog of the Week” this week for The End Time! Thanks goes to The Holy Spirit for inspiring the writing.

I started work at school last Thursday and I have been running ever since!! Herding 20 four-year-olds through an 8 hour day at school is a monumental task. They arrive between 7:20 and 7:40 and after the 8:00 bell rings we have breakfast. Last bell is 3:00 but that’s just to get on the bus or go tot he gym and wait to be picked up. Some wait in the gym after school to be picked up for up to half an hour, too, or spend an equal or longer time on the bus ride home. It’s a long day for them.

I am grateful to be working for an excellent teacher and also to be working in a very well-run school. And no matter how physically demanding the work, I am grateful for it. I read somewhere that over 535 Georgians are losing their jobs every day.

They are sooooo cute, I laugh all day. I was asked by a little girl this week, “Can you come home with me and stay overnight?” And given hugs and asked for the millionth time, “When is lunch?” and “Can you tie my shoe?” and “When are we going home?”

This week we will paint and also use homemade play-doh. I can’t wait, I like art with the kids. Any activity that emergent literacy will support is great, especially the describing of the picture later. It all supports early literacy and it is a ball to hear their work being described. One boy, he is a bruiser for a 4 year old, plays football, always responds the same way when asked what his picture is (remember, add a Georgian accent):

“It’s a big ole building”
“It’s a big ole man”
“It’s a big ole apple”


One pair were having snack at the table and the little girl said to the boy, “I have a boyfriend.”
Boy says, “So? I have a boyfriend AND a girlfriend!” Then they ate animal crackers and drank juice and fell off their chairs and spilled their drinks and asked, “Can you tie my shoe?”

And the ever-popular “I have to pee.”
“Not right now, sweetie.”
“Oh no, I am going to pee myself!”

They have learned fast that this is the one sure thing that will get them an extra trip to the fun house that is also known as the bathroom. See, there’s echoes and stalls that lock and soap dispensers and paper towel knobs to yank, and pants buttons to struggle with and emerge victorious, and a row of friends waiting in line to hold hands with and jump up and down and giggle. We have 5 stalls for 11 girls. It takes a long time to get through it. Two of our gals can’t even reach the faucet and I have to turn it on and off for them and they don’t even have enough strength to push the soap lever all the way so I do that too. And even though there are 9 boys and plenty of urinals, it takes a long LONG time, because, well, boys are boys and they like to play.

So that is a day in Pre-K. Two more weeks and the long-term sub job is up and I revert to regular subbing like last year. I miss those little buggers already.


21 thoughts on “Best Christian Blog of the Week, and a new job

  1. Of those 82% who have insurance, how many of those are through PeachCare?

    And what about the other 18%? How are those children and their parents going to get care if they get sick?

    Fortunately, Obama is the President of the entire country, so, yes, health care reform will fly in Georgia. And gosh knows, Georgia needs it, as your own classroom's statistics demonstrate.

  2. 100% of everything is nice but not workable in the real world. We will never have 100% of Americans receiving health care. Even if it was to pass, which it will not, there will be QARY. This is in the plan, QARY is the new acronym that Obama's plan uses to 'cut costs and increase efficiency'. Quality Adjusted Remaining Years means that government appointed determiners decide that the 75 year old diabetic weak heart guy needing a hip replacement will not get one, because of his few remaining quality years based on life expectancy.

    There's your cutting costs by cutting care. And lo and behold, we are back under the 100% you think Obama's plan has in store for you.

    It would be nice to have 100% receive all A's on their report card. 100% employment nationally, 100% living in a dwelling of their choice. 100% eating from the food groups every day. Does government exist to house us, feed us, employ us, cure us? No. Government does not exist to support 100% of anything, unless it's communism. And even that didn't work.

  3. 100% of our population goes to school and it is mandated by law. And it is provided by the govt. and paid for by the taxpayers. If you are particularly wealthy, you can pay for your child to go to a private school. This is exactly how public health care can work. Everyone is covered by a public option. You won't get a private room, breast implants, or cosmetic surgery with the public option. You can still have those things if you want to buy private insurance, just like you can pay extra for private school if you think your kids are too good for public school.
    Also, 100% of our senior citizens have access to health care through Medicare. If you are 65 or over, you qualify. There is no other requirement. It is mandated by law, provided by the govt. and paid for by the taxpayers. The fact that seniors scream any time there is a faint rumor that it might be affected tells me most of them are happy with their coverage.
    If we can guarantee school for 100% of our population, and we have health care for 100% of our seniors, WE CAN and we must provide health care for 100% of everybody.
    1 in 5 of students in your class are in danger of dying or bankrupting their parents, losing their home and becoming homeless if they get sick. Then they won't even be able to get to school. That is unacceptable. And of the other 82% who have insurance, you and I both know that probably at least half of those are covered through PeachCare, again, govt. funded / provided health care just like the school you go to work in every day is govt. funded and provided.
    Bottom line: if we can provide education to 100%, we can provided health care to 100%. It's not even that hard. If it's good enough for Congress to have, and for govt. employees to have, then it is good enough for everyone to at least HAVE THE OPTION to obtain.
    Those who argue govt. provided health care is socialism need to take a long look at our schools, Medicare, Social Security, highways and roads, police depts. and military. ALL of those services (and I could name more – natl. parks, air traffic system, on and on) are govt. funded and provided with little to no participation from the private sector. Why aren't those people arguing who are arguing we can't have govt. health care because it's “socialism” voluntarily giving up their Medicare, their Social Security, pulling their kids out of or quitting their jobs in public schools, the military, the highway dept., the police, etc?
    Can you imagine how crazy our roads and highways would be if they were allowed to be controlled by private companies? You would go to one state and pay a toll, another county, pay a toll, another state, be robbed and then pay a toll, cross a bridge an it collapses because it wasn't maintained, pay $100 to cross another bridge, etc. It would look a lot like, well, the corrupt private insurance crooks we have now.
    Again, if govt. is good enough to provide a school for children to learn in and for teachers to teach in, why isn't govt. good enough to provide health care for those same children?
    If govt. health care is good enough to Congress and govt. employees, like, say, the State Merit System for teachers, why shouldn't ALL citizens at least HAVE THE OPTION to join the same health care plan Congress, or the Governor, or Teachers enjoy? Why is it OK for some to have, but not for all to at least CHOOSE to have?

  4. Thanks for posting the comment and congrats on your blog recognition. In the health care debate, it's important to remember that the public option is just that, it's just another option we will have to choose from. Those who don't want what the public option offers will still be able to choose to keep what they have, or choose another, private option.

  5. 100% certainly does not attend school in the US. You forgot about homeschooling. Millions are home-schooled. And yes, millions attend private schools. There are options to gain an education that do not include forced government public schools.

    YOu say in in 5 kids are in danger of bankrupting thier parents if they get sick. True. one in five are in danger of losign a job, having a tragic accident leaving them unable to work, or other situation that causes privation. It's called “life”.

    Since when is the government in the business of guarantees? Life happens. Gov't is not there to guard against every bad thing that happens to its citizens.

    Your thinking is backward way round. “If it is good enough for the government to have” sounds like you aspire to be like the august ones on the Politburo, kingly and unreachable. Not so. Government works for us, LOL. We GIVE them their health care through our money, called taxes. THAT's why they have health care. We pay for it. Oy.

    Secondly, everyone DOES have the option to have health care. Since when have they not?

    However, it is Obama taking away that public choice option. Oy again.

    Government ISN'T good enough to provide adequate schooling for kids, that's why we have slipped from top of the brain charts to the middle and other countries too numerous to mention are passing us in just the last forty years.And…lots of things are privatized and work splendidly when left unregulated. It was called “Capitalism”.

    Government does not exist to protect us from every eventuality and to anticipate every need and fill it when we cry out.

    I think we're done here.

  6. “There are options to gain an education that do not include forced government public schools.”

    True, but skewed. The government doesn't force you to go to public schools. It just says you have to go to school. If you don't, you're breaking the law.

    The theory is what? That having a government option and a mandate that all must be insured is going to drive out the private industry? Maybe. But also it's very possible that won't happen. I'm not sure if it's a federal mandate or not but motorists have to have insurance, right? Why can't we require the same thing with health insurance? The private insurance industry hasn't done much, up to this point, to lower costs and increase efficiency. Perhaps they'll be motivated to do more when there is another option that drives them to be more competitive.

    “Secondly, everyone DOES have the option to have health care. Since when have they not?”

    Isn't part of the problem that folks with pre-existing conditions are being denied the opportunity to buy insurance? They want coverage but can't get it.

    In a previous post you mentioned communities, churches, etc. helping out when someone falls on hard times. And there's nothing wrong with that. I dig that “it takes a village” idea. But if those churches get funds from the government or those non-profits receive grants. Um, how is that different? It's still money that comes from the gov't. (I'm not making the argument that ALL monies received by these folks are from taxpayer dollars.)

    “And…lots of things are privatized and work splendidly when left unregulated. It was called “Capitalism”.”

    The current financial crisis should at least cause you to chuckle a teeny bit when typing that statement. Don't get me wrong, I like capitalism but there is a whole lot of interference from the government where business is concerned and with good reason. Clearly greed gets the best of some people.

  7. I was an early childhood administrator for many years. I was working the year that pre-k started in Georgia…and it really has grown into a wonderful program since its inception.

    I recall roaming classrooms one day at lunch. The feast of the day was spaghetti. The children at one table were having the best conversation….how to say spaghetti. There were six children at this table..and all said spaghetti differently. There was some debate on which way was the correct way…each believing they were saying it right.

    Oddly enough, none of them were saying it right. It was the cutest conversation…one that remains in my heart to this day.

    I never knew there were so many different ways to say spaghetti the wrong way!

    I left the early childhood field a year and a half ago, after taking on the task of raising my three grandchildren full time…in addition to my own 8 year old daughter. While I miss working as a Director, there is nothing more rewarding than being with the children more at home. The youngest is in Pre-k this year…and the oldest is in 3rd grade.

    Never a dull moment.

  8. Christi,

    Government has no right to meddle in private industry…and that includes healthcare.

    They have no proven track record to make anything better.

    I think we all agree that we need some kind of healthcare reform. That does not mean mandating what private healthcare covers, how they operate…etc.

    Reform could come in many ways. Creating a risk pool like they do with car insurance. Car insurance companies are required to take on people who are a risk.

    They could improve medicaid and offer it for a fee without imposing madates on private health insurance companies.

    Ask yourself this question. How can you have a government public option to provide competition when the government controls the competition?

    As for keeping your healthcare coverage. Whatever…you need to read the full bill like I did. Yes, people can keep it….but those companies cannot enroll any new people on those existing policies. They have to meet new federal guidelines. So, that company goes bust…you lose your coverage and you are forced onto a public option.

    Until they can show that medicaid and medicare are not bankrupt and that all treatment will be decided between the Dr. and patient…I will never support a public option.

    Even then, I am not likely to support it because millions will be forced onto the public option, and our country cannot afford this. It will lead to a rationing of care.

    Last thought…there is not one example of government healthcare being successful. Seriously, NOT ONE!

    For the record, I read all 1018 pages of the bill.

  9. “Government has no right to meddle in private industry…and that includes healthcare.”

    Precedent shows that statement to be false. I don't think that everything the government does is an unwelcome intrusion into my life. Creating child labor laws so that children in the workforce can't be exploited is a pretty good idea. Establishing safety rules so that workers are safe on the job seems worthwhile. I'm not saying I agree with everything the government does but I do think when the government acts in a considerate and rational manner, good things can be the result.

    Creating a risk pool is a great idea. So, how do you get an industry that up to this point has felt just fine excluding some 46 million people to do that? Why do car insurance companies do it? Because they are required to do so. Required by whom? The government.

    I guess from where I'm standing I'd rather try and fail than leave that many people without basic health care. I don't accept the argument that we all have health care because we can all go to the ER. The ER is meant to be used for emergencies, not to provide basic standard care for ailments and regular checkups that should be handled by a primary care physician or the like.

    “How can you have a gov't public option to provide competition when the gov't controls the competition?”

    Fair question. I hate to sound Clinton-esque but I am guessing we probably define “control” differently. Setting standards the insurance companies must meet so that prospective insurance consumers are not discriminated against isn't telling the insurance companies how they must run their business on a day-to-day basis. Nor does it keep insurance companies from coming up with their own inventive ways to increase revenues.

  10. “Government has no right to meddle in private industry..”

    So, we should repeal the legal requirement that everyone has to have car insurance?

    So, we should have no govt. regulation of banks and financial institutions?

    So, when there is an epidemic, like, say H1N1, govt. should play no role in protecting the health of the public?

    So, we should close all govt. funded and operated public schools?

    So, there should be no public health inspections of restaurants, grocery stores, meat and food processing facilities?

    So, there should be no govt. regulation of immigration and just let employers hire whomever they want, legal or illegal?

    So, we should have no air traffic controllers or airports and just let each airline operate on its own and take care of its own? Yikes!

    So, there should be no regulation of air quality keeping a check on how much poison a private company can dump into our air and water?

    So, we should just trust the timber companies to not cut all the trees?

    We should just trust the fishing corporations to not take too many fish?

    We should just let food companies put what they want in food with no labels as to what is in there?

    We should just trust the oil companies not to dump oil in the environment?

    Hope you enjoy eating your salmonella infected food while while your bank takes your money while you try to drink water loaded with DDT and breathe in the sulfurous air laden with coal smoke and asbestos!

  11. Oh….and one more thing. The reasons our banks are a mess….are the result of government interference. Telling them WHO they had to make sub prime loans too. Need a video of Barney Frank insisting they had to do it? Google it….it is there.

    Oh wait….let me see….the banks crashed.

  12. I just cannot stop thinking about your post.

    Think about this. The government cannot even reimburse the cash for clunkers program. Dealerships all over the country are in big trouble because their money is long past due. I saw a dealer today on the news who may not survive until the money comes. Bankruptcy in his future.

    I have five doctors for our family. Every single one of them said they will leave the medical field if this passes. Doctors do not want government telling them what is acceptable treatment.

    Now….we have a debt LIMIT of 12.1 trillion dollars. As of today, it is sitting at 11.7 trillion dollars. Rather than stop spending…Geithner is getting our debt limit increased.

    Can you not see the writing on the wall? It will destroy this country.

    Not that Obama is not doing a fine job of that anyway.

    But don't listen to me…..your proud leaders refer to me as astroturf, unAmerican, hate monger..terrorist.

    See you in the bread line.

  13. Doctors are going to leave the medical field? Really? That's a good one.

    Did it occur to anyone that if a doctor is only in it for the money, IT'S A GOOD THING.

    Air Traffic Controllers have more lives in their hands in a week than a doctor has in his hands in a lifetime. When the Controllers threatened to strike, Ronald Reagan dictated terms to the Controllers and then unilaterally FIRED the ones who just wanted the money.

    Reagan was right. We should not hesitate to use Reagan's approach now.

    Right now many people choose to go into the medical profession not because they want to heal people, but because they want cars, homes, and lots and lots of money.

    The way it is now, doctors send you around to a bunch of specialists for tests you do not need, or you certainly don't need the same test at every specialist you see! The doctors only do this to make money.

    When we change the system and get control of costs, it is true, doctors will make less money. But, starting on that day, the young men and women who are choosing med school just to have a big house and 10 sports cars will begin to choose a different career path (probably to Wall Street!). On that day, we will begin to select a new breed of doctor: one who wants to make a good living, but whose primary motivation is to help people, not one who wants to live a lifestyle of excess and greed, because that exorbitant repugnant lifestyle will no longer be achievable through a career in medicine.

    My doctor is in his 70's, and he fully supports health care reform for this reason. He is disgusted at the type of people the medical field is polluted with today: greedy, selfish, and only in it for the money. We have to clean it up now or it will only get worse. Should one make a good living as a doctor? Absolutely. Does being a doctor entitle one to unbridled excess, greed, 10 cars, 2 vacation homes and a mansion? Absolutely not.

    Health care reform will weed out those who are only in it for the money. I want a doctor who is concerned more about the health of me and my family and my community; not just concerned with how much money he can milk out of us or milk out of our insurance.

  14. You are clearly a communist.

    There are plenty of countries where you can find what you seek.

    I can make some reccomendations.

    We will lose Drs. So if you leave now….that will be one less person we have to provide care for. Oh but I bet you want freedom. Sweetie, you cannot have it both ways.

    Soon you will be begging for a Dr….no matter how many cars he has or homes.

    Not all Drs. have what you say. You just don't have as much as they do….and you are jealous.

    Like I said…before…see ya in the bread line…..or the government waiting room for medical care.

  15. You know what gets me most…is that people want the government to provide everything for them.

    I guess it is easier than getting an education and working for it like Drs. do.

    Great…so lets punish them for their hard work….take it away from them. Clearly, this goes beyond socialism.

    You never answered my question. Show me one example of where socialized medicine works.

    Thank goodness Canada is coming to their senses. When you need an MRI for a possible tumor in your body….and have to wait 8 months….you can run to Canada.,2933,539943,00.html

  16. One example where social medicine works? I'll give you several: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Ukraine. The list literally goes on and on.

    Of 191 member nations of the WHO, the WHO ranks the U.S. as THE MOST expensive, but we 37th in overall performance (ouch!) and 72nd in overall health (double ouch!).

    The U.S. also has the highest infant mortality rate of ALL developed countries. Now that is truly unacceptable!

    Anyone who thinks having (well, really lack of) a health care system that has the highest infant mortality rate of all developed nations is something that does not need reform is, well, to paraphrase Congressman Frank, “about as smart as the dining room table.”

    We can do better. And we must do better: for the health of our infants, our children, our seniors, and ALL of our citizens of all ages, and all backgrounds, all levels of intelligence and ability.

  17. Regarding the countries I listed as examples of good social medicine, I should point out that I know, at least in Ukraine, United Kingdom and France, that, for those wealthy individuals or those who can afford it, one can have extra amenities in exclusively private health care.

    So all we are proposing here is something similar. NO ONE is proposing forced social medicine on the entire population. If you are wealthy, or you can afford private health insurance, or you already have private health insurance, you can have it / keep it. All that I and, according to latest polls, about 75 percent of the rest of America want, is to have THE CHOICE of a public OPTION. So, if you have the means, you can pay for and have the Cadillac of health care options. But, if you are more like the rest of us in the middle class and working class and your employer has phased out your insurance, or your premiums through private insurance have become unaffordable, or you've never ever has insurance offered through your work or been able to afford it, then we won't just have to go without health care, we will have a public option available for those who need it (like me and most of my co-workers, neighbors and family). It won't be the Cadillac, it will be more of the Corolla – cheaper, but dependable and will get you there, but the ride may not be as fast or as comfortable or as cushy.

    So, no social medicine imposed on America. No one wants that. No one has proposed that. A govt. provided option, by definition as OPTIONAL, is not social medicine for all. If you don't like it or don't want it, by all means, Blue Cross, Aetna, CIGNA, etc. will love to have your business.

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