Obama vs. Bush, in photos

Obama vs. Bush, in photos. Source and credit goes to Don Surber!

Next set, source and credit goes to Doug Ross

Just sayin’.


4 thoughts on “Obama vs. Bush, in photos

  1. Heck, it's not even just a sports analogy. I just remembered that Roger Clemens lied about his cheating BEFORE CONGRESS, just like Bush! LOL

    Your post was even more appropriate than I first thought!

    You gotta laugh at yourself on this one!

  2. Your comment illustrates that anyone can read anything into anything if they have a strong enough agenda. I'm not a sports fan and I have no idea about what Clemmons said or didn't say. The whole point of a photo comparison is not that you need to have reams of background on sports ins and outs, lol. It's a photo illustration and all the information you need is contained in the set. That is how it works, “Pat”.

    I see a President happily bounding down steps and ignoring those behind him…while his invited guest, frail and with a cane, struggles down the same steps; but Bush evidences concern and care to his guest and offers aid.

    As for the baseball pics, anyone who doesn't say that Obama throws like a girl and Bush does not really needs new glasses. Is all. Thanks for reading and have a great day..and it is not myself I am laughing at…

  3. So can I assume from your label that you're calling Obama a “pansy” because he supposedly throws “like a girl,” whatever that means?

    Aren't you a schoolteacher? I find it insulting that you would use such language to describe someone (president of this nation or anyone else).

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