Cats galore

My kittens Bert (tiger) and Luke (black and white) are two peas in a pod but totally different in personality. Bert is a thinker, he looks before he leaps. He is the kind of cat that looks at you disdainfully if you forget to give him his daily olive, or are 30 seconds late in feeding him. He is the kind of cat that swirls around your feet as you stand and wash dishes, or more dangerously, runs ahead and then plops down right in front of where you are walking. He loves nothing better than to snuggle up to your side on the couch and purr contentedly. He is extremely sensitive to any changes in the apartment. Putting a new throw on the chair will send him into mewling anxiety attack. If the environment stays the same, he doesn’t mind reminding you that he is king.

Now Luke, he is the athlete. He wants to leap and jump and explore and run. He is not afraid of anything and if he was an outside cat he’d run after a turkey buzzard if he saw one. Not to attack, but to say hello to a new friend. But as much as he goes off to explore something he uses me as home plate and comes snuggling up to my lap for a catnap. Then he’s off again to examine and then play with a minute dust mote he just found, or discarded floss in the wastebasket. When I hear something crash I know it’s Luke.

Here are the boys:

Bert is too stressed. I think he needs to relax more.

Luke at the bedroom window watching the robins feed on worms at dusk.

The landlord has a yard cat, at night if the front door is open the yard cat likes to stand up and say hello to the two house cats. Luke and Bert say hello back.


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