Birds in my backyard

You notice I have imaginatively named them, “bird” and “yellow bird” because I don’t know what they are. I like to practice taking bird photos closeup because then I can examine their markings and try and figure out what they are. Also, birds are a challenge.


3 thoughts on “Birds in my backyard

  1. thank you so much Tammy! The storms were severe. We had hail and terrible thunder and constant lightning. Ad the wind! I went to my tornado hiding place for about half an hour. *Something* passed by, don’t know if it was a tornado. But I’d estimate the winds at about 70mph briefly. Even those 5 min of high winds seem like forever though…How about you Tammy? Are you guys safe?

  2. We made it. It sure hopped all around us though, but nothing severe hit us. My oldest daughter lives about 10 miles from us…and she lost trees, sirens were going off…etc.Glad to hear you are safe. I was thinking and praying for you. I hear your area got hit with a lot of the storms.

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