Peace that Passeth All Understanding

Introducing today’s collage:
The Peace that Passeth All Understanding

Philippians 4:7 says “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

I was flipping through magazines and saw the cartoon of the girl with her tea. She was not sitting on the chair but the chair was in the ad. It is unusual to see a figure, real or cartoon, looking directly at the reader in that way, and her expression got my attention. I thought, “I am like that girl, with my comfy chair and my tea.”

Then I got to thinking how lucky I am that I found Christ at this juncture in time: with the end about to come. Better late than never, I decided. I just made that up. Anyway, I am even more lucky to know Christ and know that His promises are true, because with all the peoples’ pensions drying up, and the populace thrown out of work, and food prices tripling, and wars, and bombs, and killings … no matter what happens around me, I can remain calm. Jesus will take care of me forever.

I can go on about how the execution of the collage was not exactly how I envisioned it, and that it changed even after I laid it out unglued and disassembled it to finalize the piece. But I won’t do that … my collages never come out as good as I want them, but the idea is there: no matter what happens in the world, knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus Christ means a person has a peace that passes all understanding. I have that peace. You can too.


5 thoughts on “Peace that Passeth All Understanding

  1. I just so happened stumbled upon your blog as I was looking up the scripture, “God has giving me a peace that passes all understanding.” I was sending the scripture to my sister. Afterward, I clicked back onto your blog and read it. Thanks, it described perfectly what I was saying to her. Marvellous

  2. thank you so much. That scripture is one I cling to a lot these days. I envision myself as that girl, calm and looking straight ahead.

    I hope your sister takes the scripture to heart. And I thank YOU for taking the time to come back and read. 🙂

  3. This blog was right on tie for me! I thank Anonymous for her comment because it is my exact same story!!! I will be sharing this blog on my facebook! Thanks for sharing Sister in Christ, Elizabeth!!

  4. I'm so glad, DayaSatyra! No matter what happens in the world, Jesus is in control. Even though the world seems chaotic, it isn't really, because Jesus notices even the eye of the sparrow, and He certainly holds us in His palm. He reigns!

  5. I was looking for this verse for personal encouragement and came upon this blog. Such a timely word of encouragement. Thank you! Much love and prayers to you…

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