A foggy morning today

And it’s cold, too!


4 thoughts on “A foggy morning today

  1. What beautiful pictures. I cannot wait to move. We want to be out in the country now. A much better place to raise kids.

  2. thanks Tammy! I love it here. I have amenities enough for a small town and the city is only 17 miles away, but I never go there.I have a choice of a few restaurants/pizza places, so what if there are only two choices for pizza instead of 22? Country living is more relaxing and in truth, I spend less money than if I was in the city! Or even closer to a large town!When are you moving?

  3. It was stunning morning over my way too. That big grey horse of the Jackson Ranch almost blended into the grey mist of early morning when I walked to the church. Trying to get a little more exercise for me and my mantal health.

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