Snapshot of inside my house

The birds are back. It is nearly spring here in north Georgia. There are many trees that surround the apartment and of course, all kinds of birds hang out in them. I’m so lucky! Mourning doves, warblers, cardinals, crows..other kinds I don’t know. My cats love this. The window in the bedroom looks out on lots of bushes and trees. The awnings over the window are a good place for little birdie to hide, and one of hem has decided to just that.

Bert & Luke with their extra sensory kitty perception always know when a bird flies close to the house, and for some time I noticed they sit at attention on the end table in front of the bedroom window, intently looking up. I went over a few times and glanced around, but I did not see a bird. They both kept doing this, so finally I brushed them out of the way, put my head to the glass, and twisted my neck and looked directly up. There, staring down at me, was a baby cardinal, his black eyes and tiny beak just a few inches away, clinging to the upper window glass. So cute!

Amazingly, the bird was not scared of the cats. And every day we have the bird-cat scare-off. Or maybe it is a howdy do across species lines. I don’t know. All I know is that I am hugely entertained.


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