LOL, CNN preparing us for doomsday

They are in the Situation Room. They have a whole room for … situations!

Ticker says: “New Developments: What to do if doomsday strikes”

They are having a Doomsday Drill called Tabletop that prepares for any manner of attack and leadership is wiped out.

All well & good, considering we are inaugurating a new president and the Capitol makes quite a target. But most amusing is the ticker. As if there is ANYTHING a person could do if doomsday strikes! Except accept Jesus as savior, of course.


3 thoughts on “LOL, CNN preparing us for doomsday

  1. And believe me, Doomsday is coming. The state of our country is just a disaster. You know what bothers me the most? Most people have no clue. I worry that all of the politically ignorant voters that voted in Obama, have no clue what the change is that is coming. I really am afraid for my children and their future. But, I know we must endure the worst….for better things are coming. Jesus Christ is coming!

  2. Now I am not against Obama….I am just against left wingers….lol. Obama seems like a nice enough man…I just don’t agree with anything that comes out of his mouth. I hope he gets a Labradoodle….but he ain’t gonna find one at the pound….lol.

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