Ever have one of those days?

This woman did. Both truck and van taking a right turn onto Sunrise Ave…the Truck clipped the van and caught it under its bed, blowing out the back window and crushing the two rear tires, among other damage, likely the suspension to name one.

6 thoughts on “Ever have one of those days?

  1. This looks to be the fault of the van driver as she was illegally passing the truck on the right side. She’s lucky it wasn’t worse.

  2. could well be. But at that location there is a small right turning lane…the van driver could have been in that lane and the truck driver was taking a wide right from the regular lane, and not see her.I dunno. It’s likely as you say. I agree, she is lucky it was not worse! That roof could have been crushed, easy. This kind of thing doesn’t make my jitters around trucks any lighter!

  3. I see in the photos that is not a right turn lane…that is just a wide shoulder of the highway. Never pass another vehicle on the right unless there is a lane provided for doing so, especially a big truck because the truck driver can’t see you.

  4. right. But like I said at the <>beginning<>…sigh…IF the van was taking a right and the truck was taking a wide right, then it’s a different story.But neither of us know because we were not there to see it nor have we read the police report. So can we put this to bed?

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