Thrift shop score!

The Gholston Stand Variety opened up and on the tilted front porch they always have baby booster seats and carriages. I thought that the inside would be similar. It’s not!

They arranged things well inside, with like items together. It was neatly done and lots of interesting things to look at. I found a small toaster oven for $5. I wanted small because my kitchen is small. A sweet pair of crystal salt N pepper shakers for 50 cents. Two boxes of antique greeting cards for 50 cents each.

And a Lagostina Teapot for FIVE DOLLARS!

Do you know Lagostina? Lagostina is high-end Italian cookware featuring an aluminum core sandwiched between 18/10 stainless steel. Known for Italian design flair, including rounded shapes and double-loop handles, which are connected to the pots with welding rather than rivets. High end, high cost. A teapot would be about $100-150!! What a good find.

See, this is why I love thrift shopping. Tomorrow my friend and I are going yard sale-ing again. I am on the trail of a small shelving unit. And a small clear vase. That’s it. Really.

Anyway, I have a deadline. I have to be back for The Closer at 10. I missed it Monday night and they repeat it on the weekend. How could I have missed my favorite show?? So glad I can see it tomorrow. Ahhh, good plans for a good day.

Pretty huh?


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