Nobody can spell any more

Or maybe it’s the proofreading that’s gone downhill. Either way, it’s a shame. The sign below fronts a nifty new historic-looking brick complex in Comer. The developer did a spectacular job with it, right down to the awnings. But the devil is in the details, and the misspelled word sort of breaks the spell. For me, anyway.

This one is in Danielsville, on the front of a window on another new development that is another great case of care and thoughtfulness in design. But the spelling…maybe not so much.


2 thoughts on “Nobody can spell any more

  1. Molly and I were coming home from Asheville, NC and saw this huge sign about an academic award that a private school had received. Several minutes later as we exited the interstate to grab some lunch, we saw a sign directing us to that school off the exit. The issue we had was that the sign read _____shool left at light. We both wondered about the academic excellence award.

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