This dawg won’t hunt

Battle of the southern sayings…

At an evening rally in Lexington, Clinton’s husband portrayed her as the underdog who keeps coming back from the brink of defeat. “They’ve declared her dead more times than a cat’s got lives,” the former president told a raucous crowd of about 2,500 supporters.”

He’s from the South: Arkansas, and they’ve got their hillbilly sayings there, like the nine lives cats thing. Around here, in the deep south, we have our sayings too.

So when we read the following…”Clinton trails Obama in the delegate count by such a margin that it is mathematically unlikely for her to overtake him in the remaining primaries,” … down he-ah we say, “that dog don’t hunt.”

that dog don’t hunt: An obviously faulty endeavor; also as ~ /won’t hunt/, predictive of failure.

In the face of the Obama Mass, a gathering of over 75,000 swooning Oregonians listening to Obama speak at his latest rally, and in the face of Clinton’s paltry rally of 2,500, we would have to say that for the Democrats at least, “it’s a one dog town.”

Whether things will end up Obama Messiah or Obamanation, time will tell.


3 thoughts on “This dawg won’t hunt

  1. Count me in as one that is “vaguely disquieted” by the ‘Pope’ Obama masses! Surely there is a scientific phenomena responsible for the drove of followers; pheromones, maybe?On a lighter note, I thought you might get a kick out of this. This link is to a collection of ‘Old-Timey’ sayings. Rather, I should say, a flash-back to my youth, growing up in rural north-eastern Georgia…< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Old Sayings<>

  2. LOL those are great! Where I grew up (Rhode Island, with heavy Italian-American population) we always said, “not for nuthin’, but…”My best friend’s people are from Ohio. Over there they say “God willin’ and the crick don’t rise”

  3. Andrew Jackson was also a man of the people. There was such a throng of people that wanted to congratulate him on the day he took office that they in effect stormed the White House and pretty much trashed the joint with their drinking and celebrations.Chuck

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