Midday update

So before it got too hot today I cooked. What did I make, you ask? Some weird items, that is for sure! Not everyone has taste like mine but I’m happy with it.

Tofu pudding
Silken tofu, chocolate chips melted slowly in a pan, add a dash of vanilla and chill.

Green bean pate
Boiled green beans and tofu, blended in food processor or blender, add chopped boiled eggs and walnuts. Blend again, season to taste. I put it on hot toasted homemade white bread as a spread. Yum!

Mixed veggie hash
cabbage, onions, celery, mushrooms, sauteed. Add cooked rice and a can of peeled chopped tomatoes. Mix. Sturdy, instant meal when hungry NOW and prone to order a pizza instead.

Those cutie-pie baby turnips I’d bought at the Farmer’s Market Saturday? I boiled ’em up and mashed them with a bit of butter and salt and pepper.

Now I’m working on a collage, waiting for the pieces to dry before I add the next layer. So I had a few minutes to kill and thought I’d put up a mundane post, the past ones have been fiery and future ones will be just plain weird. So this is a respite for the 100 or so faithful readers who take the time to come here. Thank you, by the way. 🙂 I am attending a wake tonight and tomorrow I’m making 30 pimento cheese sandwiches for the funeral luncheon. I am real proud the Ladies asked me to make something.

Anybody else vaguely disquieted by the Obama Mass? 65,000 in attendance and another 15,000 outside? Yikes. That’s either a bit too much adulation or the best speaker since, well, ever. Hmmm.


3 thoughts on “Midday update

  1. I love Maine Home Town News. They get the news up right away. That was awful about the murder suicide. Domestic violence is an unseen threat to women. Until a guy take his gun and blows her head off, that is.

  2. Yeah, I try to keep up on all the news in Gray and New Gloucester. I saw Gary and Sue at the convention. That was nice. Sue had on a very outrageously large hat! It was lovely but comical at the same time.

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